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Sunday, April 10, 2011

To change the future you have to imagine it first.


IEC CODE No: #0295025646#
TRADE LICENCE No: #3066-1500-0520#
DIN No:  #02738772#
PAN No: # ADRPB8958J #
TAN No:# CALM12341A #
AADHAAR No: #480811262414#

Mobile Number #00917278749102
                            "A Message to Connoiseurs of Dress Materials"

It is with immense pleasure to inform that we have our own company namely "Gorgeous Connoiseurs' Consortium" at Habibpur - Nadia/West Bengal -India which has multifarious designs, colors, size,items
textures and durability, under Department of Self-help Group & Self Employment - in Chief Minister's office, Writers'
Building -Kolkata - West Bengal -India.

We can supply such a sophisticated and aristocratic design in Cotton, Silk,Viscose, wool and pashmina
specially SCARF-STOLE & SHAWL & Sarong- Pareos or Bandana for India & Abroad........interested parties are welcomed for query and order of the
products if they wish, other products are Furnishing fabric, Dress Materials,Tangail Sarees, etc etc. Our products you will find  genuine, real, guaranteed and certified by Ministry of Textiles along with GSP=
Generalized System Preference certificate where required.

We can send you sample on your request or you can send any design will make your sample and send it to you --- we can do any design, color, size and quantity according to your requirements because country to country specifications change so we follow the way you want us to make for you.

If you so desire please contact:
M.  A.   Billa-
Mob: 00917278749102
Success is a journey - and education is the light of the life -to be Entrepreneur I have joined IGNOU (Indira
Gandhi National Open University) who launched an Entrepreneurship Program -my  ENR No:   #121568500#CIE  to  be guided educatioally in my business.www.ignou.co.in

Now Pursuing Graduation BA Hons in Psychology (Industrial and organizational psychology) in IGNOU =
Indra Gandhi National Open University - Kolkata - India- BA - Roll No: #116427892# Bikash Bhavan -Saltlake, Kolkata-India.

"Green Building Defined"
Its 100% safe...A green building is one which uses less water,optimises energy  and efficiency, conserves natural reources,generates less waste and provides healthier space for occupants, the building
weight is also less as compared to a conventional building". I am connected with them http://www.igbc.in/.

The first Skyscraper was a 10-Storey Home Insurance Company Building in Chicago, Illinios completed in
1885 designed by William Le Baron Jenney (1832-1907) and first Passenger Elevator was invented by
Elisha Otis (1811-1861) in 1852.

The Tallest Tower in this world is Burj Khalifa 160 Storey Building, the height having 2717 ft and it has 57 Elevators running per second 33 storey. This is in Dubai, UAE. Mohammed Ali Alabbar who is the Chairman & MD and Developer of the project, it was financed by Bahrain Islamic Bank. http://www.burjkhalifa.ae/.

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia's Tallest Supertall Skyscrapper will stand One Kilometer Height (3280 feet)
Burjul Mamlakah is her name and it will be constructed in Jeddah. There is no limit to what a man can do.
The creator and leader of the project is Al-Waleed Bin Talal, the wealthiest Saudi Arabian Prince.www.kingdomtowersaudiarabia.com

"Where there is a will there is a way"
One has to be steadfast optimistically, Dhirubhai Ambani was
working in a Petrol Pump.....who knew he would be  such a conglomerate.Amitabh Bachhan was working in Kolkata, now whole world knows him.One thing is common in them "POSITIVE THINKING" Age is not a factor even at 90 if  you think you are fit and you are fit but at 25 if you start thinking you are not fit then you are not. Business is good but thinking all aspects for the human beings is first safety and hygienic which only IGBC can give in form of

Mahatma Gandhi was neither a Prime Minister nor Chief Minister or President of India but the whole world knows him, which means Position is not required to work.

Thanks to Charles Babbage who invented Computer now just at a touch of button MESSAGE goes
throughout the world,  we are what we think in fact "THINKING" plays an important role every one
thinks differently, but if thinking is based on a right way he or she is welcomed, and never allowed any
pessimistic thoughts enter into his or her  brain. In this limitless universe and on our planet Earth there are
more than 190 countries having 6.7 Billion human beings population as per census last. On our planet Earth
there is a country USA = United States of America which was discovered by Christopher Colombus and
Charles Babbage beloged to USA. Man's  body is full of chemicals from HEAD to TOE, and as per
psychiatry life is based on thoughts & feelings........feelings are in trillions.....human basic instincts which
are easily motivated by a group of people.

When nobody gives you any products to sell why not create your own products and sell it in the market
be it Real Estate Product or Handloom Products. Even a fraction of a second of the future is unknown. Reproduction of human being is based on fertilization of sperm and ova only(Today we have In-Vitro fertilisation, in Australia multi Billionere who is no more but his SPERM is still kept in INCUBATOR there are many SURROGATE mother who offer their OVA but the question is will she be entitltled to the properties because she was not married
again when they want to destory the SPERM Church says when you can not give a LIFE you do not have the right  to take a life, and LIFE is there, so the case is still pending) and from
a skyscapper from 10 storey to 160 Storey, this a great Man made acievemnt. Neil Armstrong, landed on THE MOON on July 20, 1969, Apollo 11 Spacecraft was commended by him, he died on 25 August 2012 in USA, another achievment.  A Human
being & Jinn (Invisible Creature, there are uncountable planets in this limitless universe so we never know where on which planet Allah has kept Jinns) can do which other creatures can not, this is the basic difference. IN GOD WE TRUST is printed & embossed on
all denominations of US Dollars be it paper or coin. There is a unique paper currency which has DENOMINATION from ONE to ONE THOUSAND printed on (15) Fifteen Languages i.e INDIAN RUPEE.

My DSC is registered with MCA under my DIN No: 02738772 on 10 February 2012, each moment is a
moment to learn something or other and knowledge in any field has no end so I have always been in touch
with http://www.iod.com/ (Institute of Directors) London-UK and http://www.iodonline.com/ (Insttitue of Directors) New Delhi-India, right guidance always comes from right Institute.

When it comes to "READ" for aquiring knowledge, Theology is also included-there are different
religions practised on our Planet Earth and each of them has her own "CONCEPTION OF GOD"
but in Islam the "CONCEPTION OF GOD" is unique and uncomaparable to anything-as nothing
happens automatically,  we believe in CAUSES & REASONS, who created this limitless universe ??????
What is Allah ????  so the Creator of this limitless universe and all in it  known as ALLAH (SWT),
(Allah is the personal name of one true God with oneness in Arabic Language) in a nutshell, Islam is
the most monotheistic religion of all the monotheistic religions on our earth.....so ONLY, ONLY and
ONLY Allah (SWT) has the right to be prostrated and worshipped and NONE, who esle better can
comparatively define or clarify the definition of conception of God in other religions than Dr. Zakir Naik who can
be contacted anytime http://www.irf.net/--- No one can be Muslim without beleiving in JESUS CHRIST (PBUH)also.

Monday, March 21, 2011

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